Palestinian Teacher Strike- Update

Palestinians teachers are back in the classroom after being on strike due to their profound sense of loyalty to their students. They had a tiny victory, if one wants to see the glass half full.

Teachers will receive a 5% increase in salary in early 2017, with an additional 5% in early 2018. Until then, they teach and wait and organize.

5% could mean a lot of money to some whose salary is already high, but to the average Palestinian teacher, 5% means roughly 90 shekels or $23 USD. It’s not significant though every shekel counts.

Teachers had the support of their president who said they should receive a better salary, however, they also had to submit and return to the classroom due to fears of retaliation in an already oppressed system.

As of now, teachers are working in solidarity together to create a new union and change the laws of union elections.

One teacher from Hebron says, “Until then, we will be helpless and we will always feel misjudged.” A feeling teachers around the world echo today.